When You Listen To Home Buyers, Something Amazing Happens.


The moment you are selling something different from what people are buying, you are vulnerable. Similarly, a problem and a question that people have been asking in commercial real estate for a long time are that we sell square footage. Whether you are selling space for a coffee shop or an apartment or a home or office space, you are looking for something that you need. You need a space to do the things that you do, or impress customers and all we are selling in real estate is square footage. But, we need to find something like a sign that probably says, " we buy houses in westminster."; a location that is perceived as convenient and luxurious to the customers and employees of the companies.

The much marketed square footage should give the selling monetary benefits to work towards a luxurious lifestyle

Real estate agencies tell you, how much it costs per square footage? Yet, somehow you are making that space work for your business and it's marvelous. We believe that we adapt to an imperfect thing, called square footage is a way of approximating life. Real estate agents are selling the wrong thing. We were able to build supercomputers that now take less space compared to 25 years ago at a very low cost. Doesn’t it make sense to provide the sellers state-of-the-art common living spaces like lobbies, gyms, and pool tables that are as good as luxury hotels to compensate for the luxurious lifestyle and higher price tag? The experts who hold key to such knowledge are the ones to trust for property deals like ''

When the Kings owned acres and acres of land, there was no real estate business.

In old times, the general population had huts and carts. Then, people wanted to read books. To sell books, you need to have people who can read books. So, rulers created a retail system called universities followed by towns and buildings for their settlements. Suddenly, we had a civilization made up of towns not just for kings, but for people and merchants. We had schools, offices, and apartments. Now, we have business centers or beach houses. The greatest period of prosperity is now when people work more than they ever did. More people are having access to the city center to connect with other people. They want to work in cities and need real estate to do what it can. It is an exciting time to be in real estate because all of us are going to sell our remote houses for space and luxurious life in the cities. So, a real estate dealer is the king that needs to manage the complex deals with changing times through opportunities like 'Webuyhousesocal.'


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